Our Favourite Superfood Dishes

Superfood is a marketing term for foods with supposed health and nutritional benefits. Many of them have been used for centuries by traditional cultures. Superfoods can be included in your daily diet to improve your general health, fight diseases or just to make you feel better. Some are detoxifying, others give you energy and some of them are fantastic antioxidants. There is numerous superfoods out there, these are just some of them:
- quinoa - provides essential amino acids, it is high in protein,
- blueberries - protect brain from stress, improve learning capacity and motor skills,
- kale - high in fiber, calcium, iron and antioxidants,
- chia seeds - provide magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium,
- ginger - hot remedy for everything from upset stomach to unwanted inflammation,
- garlic - helps with high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer,
- spirulina - increases immune support and protects against allergic reactions,
- avocado - lowers blood pressure, prevents cancer, reduces bad cholesterol and increases healthy blood flow,
- goji berries - boost immune and nervous system, increase bran and muscle functionality,
- turmeric - reduces symptoms of upset stomach, possible relief of skin cancer and it is anti-inflammatory.
Undoubtedly superfoods are worth trying so we gathered our favourite superfood recipes. Check them out!  💚

1. Superfood Double Chocolate Muffins (from Spoonful of Flavours)
Click here for recipe.
2. Raw Superfood Protein Power Balls (from Trinity's Kitchen)
Click here for recipe.
3. No Bake Superfood Energy Bars (from Yummy Mummy Kitchen)
Click here for recipe.
4. Superfood Breakfast Smoothie Bowl (from The Glowing Fridge)
Click here for recipe.
5. Superfood Berry Cashew Cream No Bake Bars (from Food Faith Fitness)
Click here for recipe.
6. Chocolate Superfood Energy Balls (Running on Real Food)
Click here for recipe.
7. Thai Superfood Kale Salad With Potatoes & Chickpeas (from Simply Quinoa) 
Click here for recipe.

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