5 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

There is no Easter without having that significant Easter egg that pops on the table. By oldest tradition, these eggs were dyed / painted chicken eggs, whereas in recent decades the popularity of other types of eggs has risen. For example chocolate eggs, decorated wooden eggs or plastic eggs filled with different chocolates and lollies.

These days dyeing eggs is synonyms with Easter, yet that tradition took place in spring way before Christianity. Pagan festivals took place in spring, celebrating the new life after winter, so eggs as a symbol of fertility, rebirth and new life were a perfect fit for the symbol of the festival. In Christianity the egg symbolises the empty tomb from which Jesus resurrected. In addition red-coloured eggs represent memory of the blood of Christ at the time of his crucifixion.

Nowadays Easter egg dyeing is much more than just dipping the egg in one colour. There are many interesting (and also surprising) techniques we can learn online, so I gathered 5 of the best ones which I'll surely try this Easter. 😊


1. Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs (from Crafty Morning)


Click here for step-by-step technique.


Shaving cream can be used for much more than just shaving 😀 Dyeing eggs with shaving cream (or cool whip) and food colouring is one of the simplest techniques, yet it results in astonishing end product.


2. Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs (from Babble)


Click here for step-by-step technique.


Many people don't know that we can find a lot of egg dyeing material in our kitchen pantry! Yes, in the pantry 😀 This process requires a bit of experimentation and improvisation and if that sound like something you are willing to try, you will be amazed at the colour these natural dyes can produce. 


3. Lace Dyed Easter Eggs (from Martha Stewart)


Click here for step-by-step technique.


If you are looking for simple but exceptionally elegant Easter eggs, the lace dyeing techniques are a perfect fit. Since the pattern making process is easy those really are a must try ✨


4. Rice Dyed Easter Eggs (from Kid Friendly Things To Do)


Click here for step-by-step technique.


The rice technique is a really fun and unique way to decorate Easter eggs. The end result will be one of a kind, asymmetrical and vivid patterns on the eggs.  


5. Old Silk Neckties Dyed Easter Eggs (from Momtastic)


Click here for step-by-step technique.


The last dyeing technique will result in a show-stopper egg 😍 Eggs are dyed using old silk ties, pillow cases, neckties, shirts or any other piece of fabric that is a 100% silk material. During the process the pattern from the fabric transfers to the egg and the results are impressive. The only downside of this technique is that eggs can not be eaten 😏 That is due to not knowing the origin of the colour that was used for dyeing the silk fabric and it might be poisonous when consumed. 


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